What We Do

Our focus is you. We want to be your partner as you start this parenthood journey by providing professional support when and if you need it. Internet and written resources for new families are always increasing, but nothing takes the place of individualized care. We will listen to your story. We look at you personally as well as your baby. We will watch a full feeding, along with how you both interact. We gather as much information as possible, and only when we feel that we have all of the details, we will make recommendations to help you meet your feeding goals; regardless of what they are.

Want to know what happens during a consult?
We will:

  • Review your health, pregnancy, birth, and feeding history. We will also review your baby’s history. We will ask lots of questions about all of these details.

  • Complete a physical assessment of you and your baby

  • Watch as you show us how you typically position, latch, and feed your baby

  • Note any problems or concerns that we see, while you tell us about problems or concerns you have

  • Create a plan with you for overcoming your problems or concerns

  • The doctor will also come in to check you and your baby, while addressing any medical concerns you have

  • All of this will be communicated to your regular pediatrician, and even your OB or midwife.

Below is a partial list of difficulties we can help you with. However, if you are experiencing a situation that isn’t listed here, we still can and want to help you. Just give us a call.

Getting Started

If your consult is scheduled within the first 3-5 days after delivery, we consider this a “transitioning” visit. You have left the hospital for home, or else your midwife has completed the 24-48 hour check-in. Your milk production is starting to change and increase, and feedings may be very different from the first few days.

Changes and Stages

We want you to feel heard and supported!