Why the Name?

Our name was deliberately chosen to reflect the excellent care we offer ALL families; those who breastfeed, those who use other feeding methods in addition to breastfeeding, and those who aren't lactating at all. You may hit bumps in the road requiring a short-term change in how you feed and nurture your little one; we are there for you. We don’t intend to define your experience, or limit what we can do for you. We want to be your resource, regardless of your goals.

We also put in a lot of thought and consideration about the newborn phase. Although we know we will see babies of all ages at the Center, it’s those very first weeks that seem to contain a lot of stress for parents. We believe that this is best alleviated with unhurried education. We intend to make sure that we give you plenty of time for your questions and concerns during every visit with us, but especially if you have a newborn.

This is why we decided to focus on lactation and newborn wellness.

Why the Location?

Once we decided to move forward, it would have been a lot faster (and easier) to rent office space somewhere; there are many options. If we had done this, the Center would have looked like any other medical facility and that isn’t our goal. Instead, we started with location. The Midlands consists of many small communities, spread out in many directions, so we chose a site between two major highways to maximize accessibility for families. Our site is on a minor highway (378), well known in the Midlands We have what is known as a “monument” sign at the edge of our driveway so you can see where to turn in. We also have signage on the front of our building.

Next, we selected an architect to turn our verbal descriptions into a real plan for a building that maximizes natural light while using space to create a sense of comfort. Our building is on a small hill, turned sideways so that we could create a wide parking lot for close in parking; new mothers shouldn’t have to walk too far.

What’s Inside?

Inside, our walls are painted with cool, soothing colors. Our waiting area has comfortable seating and soft music is playing to help you relax. Complimentary coffee and hot teas are available for refreshment while you fill out paperwork. Our care rooms are also set up for your personal comfort with an armchair with a side table for the mother, and floor lamp for illumination rather than harsh overhead fixtures. Appointments are longer than average; this allows plenty of time to observe you and your baby, as well as to ensure all of your questions and concerns are addressed.


We want you to feel heard and supported!